ORIGINAL K98 MAUSER RIFLE STOCKS WITH HARDWARE > (No.37) Mauser Kar 98K rifle stock in laminated wood SOLD

(No.37) Mauser Kar 98K rifle stock in laminated wood SOLD

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Our price: 179,00 $


Original WW2 era Mauser Kar 98K rifle stock made from laminated wood parts. The hardware is all original as well and comes with the item as shown. The stock does have 3 repairs, one on the front left one on the middle left and the other on the bottom of the left part of the rear part of the stock. The repair consist of a new piece of wood inserted where the damaged wood piece was removed. Look at the pictures to see the repair. The item you see in the pictures is the actual item you will be shipped. Postage depends on where you wish to have the item sent. For example airmail postage with tracking to the US is $36.

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