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(helmet 351) Original M40 helmet shell size SE66 SOLD

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Our price: 250,00 $


This is an original German army WWII helmet shell. The model is the M40 that issued first in 1940 and has the rolled/folded in edge and the stamped vents on the side. The shell size is a 66 with a "Q" maker code that is very prized by collectors. The helmet will fit the Sz 58 and 59 liner. The reason the helmet has black paint is because it was refurbished by the Czech government after WW2 to be used as a civil defense helmet. The helmet you see on the pictures is the one that you will actually get. THERE ARE NO DENTS NOR PITS NOR SCRATCHES IN THE METAL ON THIS HELMET.  It is $25.00 to ship this item to anywhere in North America, Australia, NZ and most of Asia. Within Europe the postage is $21.00.

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